We can sustainably process all the wastes mentioned below

• Sewage sludge

Half of the organic materials used for nutrition is released into the environment by humans and animals.Sewage sludge concentrates human medications and medication byproducts, thus it may be spread on fields under strict conditions. Our solution is the only reliable disposal solution proven to be non-destructive for the environment.

• Plastic and packaging waste

As technology advances, more and more plastics are being used in all areas of our lives, thus improving our quality of life. In any cases sorting of these wastes is extremely difficult, it is also expensive. Today, most waste plastics ing d their way to an incinerator when they are not dumped in a landfill or left in the environment. We offer a non-combustion process without emitting harmful gas into the atmosphere tha also enable circular economy.

• Hazardous waste

Many hazardous wastes are carbon based ( PCBs, HPAs, solvents, paints, oils, …) out TCP process is the only one that can recycle them without even the risk of editing harmful byproducts or gases to the environment.

• Domestic or household waste

Household waste , and in particular , non sorted household waste is extremely difficult to handle safely. TCP converts these wastes into products with high added value without the need of waste sorting and additional water without emissions or risk of emissions of harmful chemicals.

• Industrial waste

Carbon containing waste originating from industrial and commercial activities are reliably and safely processed to produce useful products ( see product section) .

•Agricultural and livestock wastes

Various agricultural wastes are generated in considerably high amounts, but cannot be properly disposed of due to cost factors, and cause environmental damage. Our processes can convert them into useful products.

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Rapidly after incorporating the business, we have been operating a large scale Scientific and technical infrastructure based on our Thermal Conversion Process since January, 2014. Details of the project have been established after following comprehensive literature studies and studies abroad in this connection and observation of studies made in this respect particularly in USA at Lehigh University.
We have been extensively tested and improved our process as well as product quality, mostly verified by third parties.
Our facilities allow to perform tests at laboratory and semi-industrial scale ( 15 tons per day).


We also propose to use data obtained as a result of laboratory and pilot scale tests in order to configure a custom fit commercial facility. The engineering is executed within our structure as well as with our trusted suppliers. Arrangement of process flow charts, system optimization, proper equipment design and production, preparation of equipment layouts with 2D and 3D drawing are performed by our team of engineers.