Human Resources Policy

We are grateful for your interest in our company and Career Department.

Human Resources is responsible for ensuring that our personnel development meets the highest standards, improving education, skills and fostering motivation.

As an Employer, Synpet Technologies is constantly striving to achieve a stable and permanent growth as a natural consequence of dynamic, flexible and innovative development model, aiming at defining and increasing standards of the sector. As you progress within our company, you will be presented with opportunities and challenges.

All employees at Synpet Technologies are conscious of being able to create a success story in accordance with a totally objective evaluation system and in line with their continuous efforts.

We believe that your profession is an art. If you desire to share this experience with us, we invite you to join us.

Job Application

Synpet Technologies adopts an equal and fair approach predicated based on merit for all candidates .

SYNPET, now a stand alone company, has initially been setup under the fostering of the MAYA group with the same visionary strategy than its regretted founder Mr. İlyas Özsüer ( 1925- 2016) . MAYA is a family owned business created in 1949 and incorporated in 1958.

If you desire to join in Synpet Technologies, please e-mail your CV (Curriculum Vitae) to receive information on available positions and to submit applications.

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MAYA Group was established by İlyas Özsüer in 1949 and was incorporated in 1958

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